BRIDGESTONE RUBBER TRACK, POLAR PATTERN, 450x56x86, CAT 279C, 279D, 289C, 289C2, 289D, 299C, 299C, 299D, 299D


BridgestonePOLAR PATTERN for Compact Track Loaders

Bridgestone Rubber tracks with Polar Tread Technology deliver superior performance during snow removal applications. Our enhanced application specific tread pattern provide the following benefits.

  •   Improved traction for better operation efficiency.
  •   Shorter stopping distances on snow covered surfaces
  • Smooth turning ability with less slippage.
  • Softer ride performance for operator comfort.

Bridgestone's Rubber Tracks for Track Loaders are designed with enhanced features and engineered to perform to the highest standard.

  • Responsive- Optimized rubber thickness and internal structure offer flexibility and a lighter weight allowing engine power to be used more efficiently
  • Powerful- Aggressive tread provides unrelenting traction. 160% more biting edges than conventional design deliver high level traction performance
  • Smooth- Designed with the operator in mind. Optimized tread and embed placement creates lower vibration reducing operator fatigue and improving machine life
  • Pro-Edge Optimal sidewall protection technology. 
  • Reinforced Roller Pathfor longer life
  • No-Wave Cable Exclusively designed and manufactured for Rubber Tracks by Bridgestone. Featured in Bridgestone's Sprial Technology
  • Rubber Compounds Several Unique rubber compounds are utilized to enhance performance in each functional area
  • Spiral Technology. Featuring Bridgestone's Exclusive No-Wave Cable. Essential for high speed, high power application. Even traction distribution Accurate Circumferential length. No pitch variance in track.

450X86X86RF  What does it mean?

 WIDTH 450 mm / 18"


Spiral Structure

  • Bridgestone has developed a spiral steel cord structure which is now a technology commonly used in Bridgestone tracks used on Compact Track Loaders. This technology is now being expanded into excavator tracks. Spiral steel cord technology offers complete uniformity of tensile strength around the circumference of the track. In addition to even tension, an even distribution of traction minimizes the risk of track breakage. 

    Field survey data collected by Bridgestone engineers indicates that 30-40% of all track failures are linked to steel cord breakage at the overlap area. Field survey data and market feedback confirms a significant reduction in steel cord breakage of tracks with spiral technology. Therefore spiral tracks offer enhanced reliability, longer life and lower running costs.

Pro-Edge™ - Anti edge-cut

  • Edge-cut is a common type of damage for rubber tracks used on construction sites. When a machine drives against a curb, stump or sharp/solid object, the edge of the track can bend over, shearing the rubber between the edge of the track and the top of the embedded core metal. Bridgestone developed innovative Pro-Edge technology to minimize edge-cut damage. Pro-Edge technology is based on the combination of a rounded shape core metal edge design to avoid the build-up of stress concentrations, and additional rubber volume on both the inner and tread sides to make the track edge more durable. 
  • Tested and proven. Bridgestone's Pro-Edge technology is now well accepted by many customers and proved in the market. The benefits of Pro-Edge are also proved by Bridgestone's internal testing and by FEM analysis. Pro-Edge core metal is 47% less stress on the core metal edge compared to a standard core metal. Pro-Edge is a 4-fold improvement

Tapered Core Metal

  • Good ride comfort is of vital importance to the health and safety of machine operators. Low vibration is a key factor considered when selecting a machine and a rubber track. Some vibration is caused by the vertical movement of track rollers when dropping into the gaps between each core metal protrusion. Bridgestone has reduced the vertical movement of the track rollers by adopting an advanced tapered protrusion technology. The tapered shape of the running surface of the protrusion optimizes the roller path against the natural rotation of the core metal under vertical load. This results in good ride comfort without the need of additional material. Avoiding the use of additional material is in line with Bridgestone's environmental policy.


  • De-tracking is when a track partially removes itself from the undercarriage during operations by disengaging from one of the components such as the sprocket, idler or rollers. This causes down-time and can lead to failure by fatal breakage. Bridgestone uses an interlocking design to reduce de-tracking. By interlocking adjacent core metals the track benefits from more lateral stiffness. Both single and double interlocking systems are available.

Anti-Rust Steel Cord

  • Once deep external cuts, chunking and edge cut have occurred, the danger of water and mud penetrating the rubber track is greatly increased. Moisture attacks the embedded steel cord. Depending on the severity of the damage and working conditions, the tensile strength of rusted steel cords weakens and can lead to breakage. Thanks to Bridgestone's world leading tire technology, our engineers have developed an advanced Anti-Rust Steel cord which minimizes deterioration caused by rust. Even when moisture/mud penetrates from external cuts, steel cord tensile strength is maintained for longer. Salt bath testing carried out over 7 days has proved over 41% improvement in performance compared with standard steel cord.

Anti-Cut Rubber

  • Harsh working conditions are normal for rubber track operations. Such conditions cause external cuts and chunking to the tread rubber. Moisture and mud can penetrate from external cuts, causing internal steel parts to progressively weaken. This can lead to fatal failure such as steel cord breakage. The development of high quality rubber compounds is one of Bridgestone's core competencies. Bridgestone has developed an Anti-Cut Rubber compound which significantly minimizes the cut damage and chunking caused by sharp objects. This increases the life of the track by reducing premature breakage.

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This is "hands down" the best tracks you can put on your machine. You will get the the highest performance, track life and quality out of the Bridgestone rubber tracks.

A WORLD LEADER IN THE RUBBER INDUSTRY. Bridgestone was founded in 1931 and has grown to become the world’s largest tire and rubber products company, with 179 production facilities in 25 countries and sales networks in over 150 countries. The company is renowned for its R&D and design capability, exemplified by the success of Bridgestone’s racing tires. This expertise extends to a wide range of products including automotive parts and industrial rubber products such as Rubber Tracks. “Bridgestone... Serving Society with Superior Quality”

❄ POLAR TRACKSare a different tread pattern mold. The make up of the track is the same as the well know "BLOCK" pattern or "C" pattern OEM tracks. These tracks can be used on applications all year round. The pattern is more aggressive so you will have more traction. The track may wear faster because there is less rubber surface area but the chemical make up and internal design of the track is the same.

 When ordering tracks for snow applications keep in mind you want more ground pressure! So ordering the narrowest track available for your machine will improve the performance.

  Performance differences:Polar track will perform better than  standard tread pattern tracks in snow applications

  • 50% more comfort & ride performance
  • 40% more stopping distance
  • 25% reduction in lateral slippage
  • 45% more traction