SKID-LIFT attachment


1908E HD Model

Our heaviest duty model.

The Skid-Lift was developed to pair the advantages of a scissor lift with the flexibility of a skid steer or tractor. The auxiliary hydraulic system on your skid steer provides the power for the lift and tilt. The 1908E HD model has a built-in quick attach plate on the end of the lift along with a side attach plate that bolts on and is included as standard equipment. This gives added versatility when getting into tight spots or positioning of the basket in relation to the work you are doing. The side tilt functionality allows for 4 degrees of tilt of the basket both forward and back which allows you to either level out your basket as needed or get closer or farther from your work area as needed.

The Skid-Lift is designed for easy transport and will easily fit on the front of a skid steer trailer for transportation along with your skid steer. An optional attach plate can be obtained when hooking to a 3-point hitch on a tractor.

The support legs are adjustable for uneven terrain. The unit will also work with many fork lifts that have external hydraulic hooks. Tractors can also be hooked up to the Skid-Lift with the use of the optional 3 point hitch adaptor plate.

1530S and 2230S Models

Skid-Lift is proud to now offer two new Standard models which are lighter weight and more affordable than our flagship 1908E HD model.

Unlike the 1908E HD, the 1530S and 2230S models do not offer side tilt or a deck extension. There is also only one attach plate on the side of the machine as opposed to two on HD model. This allows us to keep the weight and cost down while still offering a great product with all the benefits of a Skid-Lift: a safe working platform, the ability to work on uneven terrain, ease of use, simple setup and easy transportation.

These models work well for the customer who may not need all of the features the 1908E HD offers and is looking for a simple solution to working at heights.


Lift Height: 21’ Working Height (15’ Platform Height)
5’ Long x 30” Wide Deck
Weight: 1500 Lbs
Lift Capacity Rating: 550 Lbs
End and Side Access Doors
One Side Attach Plate


Lift Height: 28’ Working Height (22’ Platform Height)
5’ x 30” Wide Deck
Weight: 1900 Lbs
Lift Capacity Rating: 550 Lbs
End and Side Access Doors
One Side Attach Plate


1908E HD

Lift Height: 25’ Working Height (18.8’ Platform Height)
6’2″ x 34” Platform with 22” deck extension (8′ Total Length)
Weight: 2400 lbs
Lift Capacity Rating: 1,000 lbs on Main Deck, 500 lbs on Deck Extension
Includes 4° Side Tilt feature
End and Side Attach Plates included
Hydraulic Hook-Up Couplers at Both Attach Plates
End and Side Access Doors
Heavy Duty Tube Steel Base Frame Construction

Advantages over standard/existing Scissor Lifts

  • Using a Skid-Steer that may already be available to move and power the unit saves you money and resources
  • The ability to work or move over uneven terrain
  • Works on any kind of surface
  • Very low maintenance as you use the motor and hydraulics already available on a Skid-Steer
  • Able to be attached to skid steer with a quick attach plate or farm tractor with a 3-point mount
  • Eliminates expensive components, such as pumps, hydraulic drive motors, wheels, batteries used on other units
  • Easily stored in the off-season without worrying about components sitting outside (batteries, hydraulic pumps, electronics, etc.)
  • Unit has a low cost of ownership compared to other similar devices on the market today

Here are some quick tips

  • 80% or better of the lifts are sold with the additional skid steer end mount. This is so you can approach jobs different ways. Example: cleaning gutters you can drive along side the gutter.
  • 42" leg extensions are only needed if you have major slopes to deal with. The lift comes standard with four 2' legs.
  • Some machines are going to have issues with getting out of the machine and operating the lift while not being seated in the skid steer cab. These issues are being dealt with in different ways depending on the model. Some machines it is a process of pushing buttons and others the machine will need a operators bypass switch.