Wain-Roy XLS Buckets, Up to 16000LB (1/4 YD) Backhoe (TLB)


Wain-Roy XLS Coupler System:

  • The Wain-Roy XLS coupler system allows the benefit of fast and efficient changing of excavator buckets and attachments while maintaining close to the manufacturers pin-on performance specifications. This results in a near zero loss of breakout force. The Wain-Roy XLS coupler system design significantly reduces the free play between the coupler and attachments. The design provides the close fit between coupler and attachments to be maintained through simple adjustments with hand tools and periodic shimming. The XLS coupler system is designed for use with Wain-Roy Original and XLS style buckets and attachments. The XLS coupler system is available in an easy-to-use manual or “operate from the seat” hydraulic release configuration.

Single Point Rippers

  • Single Point Rippers are designed for the most demanding ripping applications of rock, clay, coral, and frost. Our standard design incorporates a heavy-duty OEM ear group mounting, and is available in many standard shank lengths and widths. Our rippers are manufactured with high strength steel shanks and can be custom designed to meet specific applications.

Ditching and grading buckets

  • Ditching & Grading Buckets are used for ditch cleaning, grading, back-filling and loose material loading applications. They feature a wide and shallow tub design that offers a shorter tip radius allowing for the increased width without losing material penetration. Ditching & Grading buckets are ideal for use in sand, topsoil, and other loose or soft materials.

General Purpose Loader Buckets

  • General Purpose Loader Buckets are for use with materials of a density range of 1,800 – 3,000 lbs/yd3. The heavy-duty design and

Heavy-Duty Buckets (HD)

  • Heavy-Duty Buckets are designed to handle clay, gravel, compacted soils and loose rock applications. Each HD bucket is designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications while improving machine efficiency and productivity. They are designed to improve bucket life when used in a more abrasive material application. HD buckets contain additional material to increase bucket durability while maintaining productivity. HD buckets also come in high capacity versions for increased material volume, resulting in improved productivity.

There also Extra Heavy Duty Dirt buckets and High Capacity Extra Heavy Duty Dirt Buckets - Please call for quote.

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16 4.2 295 3
18 5.0 310 4
20 6.1 347 4
24 7.2 370 5
30 9.5 425 5
36 11.8 475 6
42 14.2 650 7
48 17.8 700 8
30 6.1 310
36 8.1 350
42 9.6 390
48 11.1
54 12.5
60 14.0 525
72 17.0 615
CASE 580, 580L,580M, 580M-2,580N,580N-EP, 580-3,580SL,580SM,580SM-2, 580SM-3,580SN,580SN-WT, 580T-2, 590M, 590SM, 590SL, 590SM,590SM-3, 590SN 
CAT 415F2,415F2 IL, 416B, 416C, 416D, 416E, 416F2, 420D, 420D-IT, 420E, 420E-IT, 420FX, 420FX-IT, 426B, 426C, 428, 430D, 430E, 430E-IT, 430FX, 430FX-IT, 436B, 436C, 436D-IT
JCB 3C 14, 3CLL, 3CX, 3CX-14, 3CX-14 SUPER
JOHN DEERE 310J, 310L, 310L-EP, 310SJ, 310SJ TMC, 310SL, 310SL-HL, 315SJ, 315SL, 410J,410J TMC, 410L, 410SJ-TMC, 
KOMATSU WB142, WB146, WB156, WB70, WB91, WB93, WB97, WB98, WB140, WB150
NEW HOLLAND 555, 575, 655, 675, B95, B110, B115, LB75, LB90, LB110, LB115, B90B, B95, B95B, B95B-LR, B95B-TC,B95C, B95C-LR, B95C-TC, B95LR,B95TC,B110,B110B,B110C,B115B,BL110B,LB75,LB75B,LB90,LB90B,LB110,LB115B, LB1156,555B,555C, 555E,575E,655A,655C,655E,675E
TEREX TX760, TX860, TX870, TX970, TX750, TX960
VOLVO BL60, BL60B,BL70, BL61,BL61B, BL71, BL61 PLUS, BL70B, BL71, BL71B, BL71 PLUS,PL70