February 09, 2018 2 min read

 This is a GREAT cab option for the money! We have installed this cab on some of our rental units and sold some to customers. For some people this will be a great economical option to get out of the weather. It is a step up from a vinyl cab but it is not the same as a OEM option. I want you to be aware of some of the issues



  • This is a poly-carbonate cab (not tempered glass)!
  • Side windows are extremely thin. It gets the job done but you need to be careful during installation not to crack the plastic by using a power tool or over tightening the bolts. I would also get some over-sized washers.
  • Side windows are not pre-drilled and mounting can be tricky. DO NOT drill new holes in your cab! The OROPS structure of the BOBCAT is certified and very expensive. If you drill, weld or alter the OROPS it losses it s certification. This can be a issue when you go to sell the machine or trade it in. We were able to use some brackets and over-sized washers and made everything work fine.
  • Weather stripping is not thick enough. You may have a small gap around the edge of the door. This is usually where the door glass is bent at under the lights.
  • The front door does not have a cylinder to support it. This could effect the life of the door since it can slam into the frame of the machine.
  • The "glass" is poly-carbonate so it will not shatter like tempered glass. This is great and you will get some protection from this. I don't think this door has passed any certifications or test to claim it is a true safety door.
  • Poly-carbonate is great for not shattering but it does scratch! If you use a wiper on a dirty poly door you will have scratches all over it.

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