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July 26, 2018 2 min read

Let's review the new Michelin Tweel tires

We are looking at the features of the new tire design and trying to determine if these tires are a good value for use on skid steer loaders.

Big Dave loves Michelin products

Michelin products are typically awesome. Some of the best quality tires I have been around in the construction or truck tire industries. There products are usually more expensive but quality is seldom a issue.


Airless Radial Tire features

  • No Maintenance - no adjustments or air inflation needed.
  • Three tread designs - All terrain tread cleans out well and provides excellent traction in dirt and mud. (2) Hard surface designs provided for solid surfaces and compact gravel.
  • Under tread - Deep layer of core material so the tire can be recapped or re-treaded
  • Comp 10 cables - Allows the load to hung from the top.
  • Composicoil - Provides lateral stiffness while absorbing impacts and resist damage.
  • (8) hole steel rim - Universal hub fits on most skid steer loaders
  • Poly resin spokes - Carry the load and dampen the ride. Offer an air tire like ride.

Here is what I see....


  • I like the concept that the tire rides like an air tire.
  • Three tread design cover the majority of the skid steer applications
  • No flat tires


  • Availability - Trying to find construction Michelin tires is hard and these are even harder. Michelin has a goofy distribution set up and their car tire people don't understand off road tires. They are also trying to sell these tires through OEM dealers like John Deere which is the most expensive place to buy tires.
  • Price - Poor supply and crazy high price. You can buy two sets of the best L-5 or solid tire options for how much these cost.
  • Re-treading - Typically in the past re-treading a skid steer tire has not worked very well. This is because of the rough conditions and the way the machine skids to steer.
  • Longevity - the tread depth looks to be shallow. I also question the hardness of the rubber compound. I was at product show and the Michelin representative claimed the re-tread options were a harder compound than what was on the original tire. Watch out for a short life!


At this time I would pass on buying these tires for your skid steer. There will probably be changes to the product if they sell enough of them to continue making them. I think this type of tire may work better on other types of equipment like lawn mowers.  You have a lot of great options in skid steer tires that are a lot cheaper. Good luck shopping.

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