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December 19, 2017 2 min read

Langefels Equipment offers multiple options for improving the appearance and operation of your assets. Below are the services we offer.

TOTAL REFURBISH - This is the process we use we preparing Langefels Equipment Company assets for sale. The process starts with and inspection. Repair items will be added to the list as the refurbish progresses but the majority of the operational issues are identified in the beginning of the process. Second, the asset is chemically cleaned inside and out. It is very important to remove as much grease and oil from the unit as you can. Third, certain items are removed or the asset is parcelly disassembled. Fourth, operational issues are repaired or adjusted. Fifth, a complete service is done in order to change all fluids and filters. This Sixth, the machine is sand blasted or sanded. Sometime it is a combination of both processes. Seventh, a full or partial coat of primer is applied to the machine. Eighth, A premium PPG paint is applied. Ninth, decals are applied. The tenth stage is optional where we touch up the inside of the cab and engine compartment.

CHEMICALY CLEAN - Langefels Equipment Company has special equipment that can high pressure wash, low pressure wash, steam clean, heat clean, cold water clean and chemically clean. The chemicals we use have different application outcomes and are commercial grade. This service is a hourly charge.

BLASTING / SANDING - Every project requires a different application or combination of the applications to get them best results without damaging the asset you are painting. Langefels Equipment Company manages this process to get the best end result for the project and its budget.

PAINTING - Langefels Equipment Company uses high quality PPG paint that is color matched to original OEM colors. You can also pick custom colors or designs if desired.

DECALS - The machines Langefels Equipment Company repairs for resale have OEM original complete decal kits installed. These kits will have the OEM logos and models but will also include all safety decals. If Langefels Equipment Company does a custom paint job or a wrap I highly suggest safety decals are installed. We charge a hourly charge to install these decals.