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BRADCO Ground Shark™ HD Brush Cutter for skid steer loaders


Ground Shark™ HD Brush Cutter

Ground Shark™ Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

The Ground Shark™ Heavy Duty Brush Cutters are designed for clearing medium to heavy density brush and hardwoods up to 7” diameter (20-34 GPM models) from wooded acreage, road right of-ways and pipeline maintenance. The exclusive, patented retractable forward cutting shield moves up and back to expose the entire cutting edge of each blade as it comes in contact with a tree or heavy brush. This Bradco® pioneered feature provides additional safety protection for the operator and worksite while greatly minimizing flying debris.

Ground Shark Heavy Duty Features
  • The Patented Forward Shield rolls back when contacting tree then rolls forward after the tree has fallen and cleared from the cutter. This feature exposes blades for felling standing trees and then covering safely for mulching and ground cleanup which is when flying debris would be generated. The mechanical function of this shield is patented. The shield provides a continuous barrier to the operator and while at its retracted state is supported and protected from damage by the push bar. The heavy weight of this shield also helps bend tall foliage like tree saplings & weeds forward so that it will be drawn into the cutter and preventing it from falling back onto the top of the cutter deck. The shield mechanism is designed to not require maintenance or grease.
  • Heavy Duty/Weighted Deflective Chain Curtain across the front knocks down and restricts debris from flying out during operations.
  • Quick open access panel that rotates out of the way without having to remove any hardware
  • Carbide Stump Grinder Teeth are designed to take stumps down to ground level and significantly assist with mulching material for debris and ground cleanup. Another benefit to the use of these teeth is for reducing the hazard of sharp sticks left behind by traditional brush cutters from cutting small saplings or bushes. Carbide stump grinder teeth are standard on all Heavy Duty model cutters.
  • Pressure gauge is used for essentially two purposes. First use is when cutting heavy ground cover or brush where you would want to maintain a performance level without going into relief. The second function is when stump grinding or felling large trees and you want to make use of the inertia generated by this cutters heavy flywheel like blade carrier. To do this you need to know when you are back up to full speed. Use the pressure gauge to identify a steady state unloaded pressure of about 1,000 to 1,200 GROUND SHARK™ EXTREME DUTY PRODUCT WALK-AROUND psi. At this pressure the cutter is back up to full rpm and ready for work. Note: on new model GSE and the new GS 78”, the pressure gauge is rubber isolated. New GSE models include a shuttle valve to allow pressure readings in both directions of rotation
  • Push bar made from Heavy wall formed rectangular tubing which is directly tied into the deck structure. When felling larger trees, frequently test the tree with the push bar as you deepen your cut. Use the push bar and if necessary the corner guides to control the direction of the tree as soon as you have the cut deep enough to move the tree
  • Direct drive with controlled shut down. The Ground Shark line of brush cutters include special hydraulic valving to shut the cutter head down quickly and safely. There is a distinct audible sound during the shutdown which will indicate to the operator that the blades are coming to a stop. This sound can be minimized by throttling back slowly prior to shutting off the auxiliary hydraulics. Direct drive offers less moving parts to maintain, a drop in motor alignment, and better efficiency. High torque motors are used on the GS line to improve efficiency and recovery times. The 78” GS model introduces a radial piston motor to further increase recovery time for its larger diameter blade carrier
  • Brush Cutter Deck has a top panel made with high strength ¼ plate steel. The rear of the deck in designed at an angle with a radius at the bottom to assist the deck over any remaining stumps or obstacles.
  • GSE Model Blade Retention Bolt hex shank is designed to prevent the bolt from rotating under extreme cutting conditions.
  • GSE Model Blades are heavy duty forged 5/8 inch thick x 5.00 inches wide Note: 4 blades on the GSE.
  • Intended Use: The Ground Shark™ Brush Cutter is designed for cutting brush and small trees up to 7”  in diameter while maintaining a 12” (305mm) maximum ground clearance. When equipped with the tooth kit, the attachment will also grind the remaining stumps down to ground level. Use in any other way is considered contrary to its intended use.



    SIZE 66" 72"
    FLOW RANGE 20-34 20-34
    HEIGHT 28.13" 28.13"
    LENGTH 85.59" 91.62"
    WIDTH 71.13" 77.38"
    MIN CUT 3.25" 3.25"
    MIN GRIND .75 .50
    CUT WIDTH 66" 72"
    DECK .25 .25
    CUT CAPCITY 7" 7"
    WEIGHT 1572 LB 1721 LB

     The HD and the XD cutters are basically the same design. The HD is made for machines with 20-34 gpm. and they have a gear type motor (6-7" cut). The XD cutter is made for machines with 30-45 gpm. and have a piston type motor (9-10" cut).