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Gentec Asphalt Cutter Super-Cutter 200



Gentec Equipment


This Heavy Duty asphalt cutter is designed for Wheel loaders, Loader backhoes and excavators.


  • Easy clamping with four-point contact.
  • Easy tightening with double clamping system.
  • Wide stable contact with bucket or blade.
  • Replaceable cutting wheel made of heat treated, abrasive resistant alloy steel.
  • High durability steel frame.
  • Unique Heavy duty bearing 
  • AR400 cutting wheel.
    Weight 250 lbs
    Cutting Wheel 19"
    Inside Frame 8"
    Shank Size 2.5"
    Brand Gentec
    BOBCAT Bobcat 316
    Bobcat 322
    Bobcat 323
    Bobcat 331
    Bobcat 337
    Bobcat 341
    Bobcat 430
    Bobcat 435
    Bobcat 442
    Bobcat 730
    Bobcat 753
    Bobcat E26
    Bobcat E35
    Bobcat E85
    Bobcat X320
    Bobcat X322
    Bobcat X325
    Bobcat X328
    Bobcat X331
    Bobcat X335
    Bobcat X337
    Bobcat X341
    Bobcat X442

    Case 1288, 1488
    Case 220
    Case 488
    Case 888, 988 (370mm C-C)
    Case 888, 988 (430mm C-C)
    Case 9007
    Case 9007B
    Case 9013
    Case 9021
    Case 9033
    Case 9045
    Case 9050B
    Case 9060B
    Case CX 14
    Case CX 15
    Case CX 23
    Case CX 25
    Case CX 28
    Case CX 30
    Case CX 31 (w/ 35mm pins)
    Case CX 31 (w/ 40mm pins)
    Case CX 35
    Case CX 36
    Case CX 36B
    Case CX 47
    Case CX 47, 50B
    Case CX 50B
    Case CX 75SR
    Case CX 80SR
    Case CX130
    Case CX135
    Case CX135SR
    Case CX160
    Case CX210
    Case CX210B
    Case CX225SR
    Case CX240
    Case CX290
    Case CX330
    Case CX460
    Case CX800

    Case 580K
    Case 580M
    Case 580M Series 2
    Case 580M Super M
    Case 580M Super M Series 2
    Case 580SK
    Case 580SLE
    Case 590M Super M
    Case 590M Super M Series 2
    Case 695

    Case CX145


    Caterpillar 205, 206, 211, 212
    Caterpillar 225
    Caterpillar 225D, 229D
    Caterpillar 235
    Caterpillar 245 LME
    Caterpillar 301.5
    Caterpillar 301.8
    Caterpillar 302.5
    Caterpillar 303.5
    Caterpillar 303CR-ISJ
    Caterpillar 303CR-OSJ
    Caterpillar 304.5
    Caterpillar 304C CR
    Caterpillar 304CR-ISJ
    Caterpillar 304CR-OSJ
    Caterpillar 305C CR
    Caterpillar 305CR
    Caterpillar 305CR-ISJ
    Caterpillar 305CR-OSJ
    Caterpillar 307
    Caterpillar 307.5
    Caterpillar 307C
    Caterpillar 307E
    Caterpillar 308
    Caterpillar 308C
    Caterpillar 308D
    Caterpillar 308e2cr
    Caterpillar 311
    Caterpillar 311C
    Caterpillar 311D
    Caterpillar 312
    Caterpillar 312B
    Caterpillar 312C L
    Caterpillar 312D
    Caterpillar 313
    Caterpillar 314C LCR
    Caterpillar 314D
    Caterpillar 315
    Caterpillar 315B
    Caterpillar 315B & 315B L
    Caterpillar 315C L
    Caterpillar 316
    Caterpillar 317
    Caterpillar 318B L
    Caterpillar 320B w/ B Link
    Caterpillar 320B w/ C Link
    Caterpillar 320C w/ C Link
    Caterpillar 320D
    Caterpillar 320D w/ B Link
    Caterpillar 321
    Caterpillar 321 w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 322
    Caterpillar 322 w/ S Link
    Caterpillar 322B w/ B Link
    Caterpillar 322C w/ B Link
    Caterpillar 322C w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 324D w/ CB Link (485mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 324D w/ CB Link (512mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 324D w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 325 w/ C Link (485mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 325 w/ C Link (512mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 325B w/ C Link
    Caterpillar 325B w/ D Link
    Caterpillar 325C w/ C Link
    Caterpillar 325C w/ D Link
    Caterpillar 325C w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 325C w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 325D w/ CB Link (485mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 325D w/ CB Link (512mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 325D w/ Mass Linkage (500mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 325D w/ Mass Linkage (528mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 325D w/ Reach Linkage (485mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 325D w/ Reach Linkage (512mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 330 w/ BE Link
    Caterpillar 330 w/ D Link (485mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 330 w/ D Link (512mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 330B w/ D Link
    Caterpillar 330B w/ E Link
    Caterpillar 330C
    Caterpillar 330C w/ D Link
    Caterpillar 330C w/ E Link
    Caterpillar 330C w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 330C w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 330D L w/ DB Link
    Caterpillar 330D w/ D Link
    Caterpillar 330D w/ DB Link
    Caterpillar 330D w/ Long Linkage
    Caterpillar 330D w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 330D w/ Reach Linkage (500mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 330D w/ Reach Linkage (528mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 345B w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 345B w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 345C w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 345C w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 345C w/ TB Link
    Caterpillar 345ME w/ UB Link
    Caterpillar 365 w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 365 w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 365B
    Caterpillar 365B L w/ V Link
    Caterpillar 365B L w/ VB Link
    Caterpillar 365C w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 375
    Caterpillar 375 w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 375 w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar 375CL
    Caterpillar 385B (615mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 385B (675mm C-C)
    Caterpillar 385C w/ Mass Linkage
    Caterpillar 385C w/ Reach Linkage
    Caterpillar E 70B
    Caterpillar E300 Series

    Caterpillar 416D
    Caterpillar 416E
    Caterpillar 420D
    Caterpillar 428 12" Narrow Setup
    Caterpillar 428 C2 Linkage
    Caterpillar 428 C3 Linkage
    Caterpillar 428B Non HRL
    Caterpillar 428C Non HRL
    Caterpillar 428D HRL
    Caterpillar 430D
    Caterpillar 432 C3 Linkage
    Caterpillar 432D HRL
    Caterpillar 432E HRL
    Caterpillar 438 12" Narrow Setup
    Caterpillar 438 C2 Linkage
    Caterpillar 438 C3 Linkage
    Caterpillar 446B

    DAEWOO Daewoo DX300 LC
    Daewoo DX340 LC
    Daewoo DX420 LC
    Daewoo DX480 LC
    Daewoo Solar 007, 010
    Daewoo Solar 015
    Daewoo Solar 030
    Daewoo Solar 035
    Daewoo Solar 055
    Daewoo Solar 055V
    Daewoo Solar 055V PLUS
    Daewoo Solar 070
    Daewoo Solar 070-3
    Daewoo Solar 075V
    Daewoo Solar 075-V
    Daewoo Solar 080-3
    Daewoo Solar 080W-3
    Daewoo Solar 130-2, 130-3
    Daewoo Solar 130LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 130W-2
    Daewoo Solar 130W-3
    Daewoo Solar 130W-V
    Daewoo Solar 140LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 170LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 170W-3
    Daewoo Solar 175LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 200W-3
    Daewoo Solar 200W-V
    Daewoo Solar 220LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 225LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 225NLC-V
    Daewoo Solar 225SLR
    Daewoo Solar 250LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 255LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 280LC-2
    Daewoo Solar 280LC-3
    Daewoo Solar 290LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 300LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 300LC-V SLR
    Daewoo Solar 330-3
    Daewoo Solar 330LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 340LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 400LC-2
    Daewoo Solar 400LC-3
    Daewoo Solar 400LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 420LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 450-3
    Daewoo Solar 450LC-V
    Daewoo Solar 470LC-V
    DOOSAN Doosan DX 60R
    Doosan DX 80R
    Doosan DX140LC
    Doosan DX140LC-3 / DX140W-3
    Doosan DX140W
    Doosan DX170W-3
    Doosan DX180LC
    Doosan DX180LC-3 / DX180W-3
    Doosan DX190W
    Doosan DX210W
    Doosan DX225
    Doosan DX225LC-3
    Doosan DX255
    Doosan DX255LC-3
    Doosan DX300
    Doosan DX300LC-3
    Doosan DX300LC-3 SLR
    Doosan DX340
    Doosan DX350LC-3
    Doosan DX420
    Doosan DX420LC-3
    Doosan DX480
    Doosan DX490LC-3
    Doosan DX520
    Doosan DX85R
    Doosan S 55-V
    Doosan S 75-V
    Doosan S130LC-V
    Doosan S140LC-V
    Doosan S140W-V
    Doosan S175LC-V
    Doosan S180W-V
    Doosan S210W-V
    Doosan S225LC-V
    Doosan S255LC-V
    Doosan S255SLR
    Doosan S300LC-V
    Doosan S300SLR
    Doosan S340LC-V
    Doosan S420LC-V
    Doosan S470LC-V
    Doosan S500LC-V
    GEHL Gehl GE 503Z
    Gehl GE 803
    Gehl GE1202
    HITACHI Hitachi EX 08
    Hitachi EX 12
    Hitachi EX 12, EX15, EX16
    Hitachi EX 22, EX 25
    Hitachi EX 30
    Hitachi EX 30, EX 33U, EX 35, EX 40UR
    Hitachi EX 30U
    Hitachi EX 35
    Hitachi EX 40, EX 45
    Hitachi EX 40-2
    Hitachi EX 40U
    Hitachi EX 50
    Hitachi EX 50U
    Hitachi EX 50URG
    Hitachi EX 60
    Hitachi EX 60-3, EX 60-5 UK Version
    Hitachi EX 60-5
    Hitachi EX 60-5 Import
    Hitachi EX 75-5
    Hitachi EX 80 Import
    Hitachi EX 80-5
    Hitachi EX 90
    Hitachi EX100
    Hitachi EX110-5
    Hitachi EX120, FH120
    Hitachi EX120-1
    Hitachi EX120-2
    Hitachi EX120-3
    Hitachi EX120-4
    Hitachi EX120-5
    Hitachi EX130, FH130
    Hitachi EX135
    Hitachi EX135UR
    Hitachi EX150, FH165
    Hitachi EX150-1
    Hitachi EX150-2
    Hitachi EX150-3
    Hitachi EX150-4
    Hitachi EX150-5
    Hitachi EX160
    Hitachi EX160-5
    Hitachi EX165, EX165, FH165
    Hitachi EX200
    Hitachi EX200, FH200
    Hitachi EX200-5
    Hitachi EX215, FH215
    Hitachi EX220
    Hitachi EX220, FH 220
    Hitachi EX230-5
    Hitachi EX255, FH285
    Hitachi EX270
    Hitachi EX270-5
    Hitachi EX300
    Hitachi EX300, EX330, EX355
    Hitachi EX300-5
    Hitachi EX310
    Hitachi EX350
    Hitachi EX370-5
    Hitachi EX400, EX450, EX455
    Hitachi EX400-1
    Hitachi EX400-2
    Hitachi EX400-3
    Hitachi EX450-3 Long Stick
    Hitachi EX450-5 Std or Short Stick
    Hitachi EX550, EX600 Bulk Ex Stick
    Hitachi EX550, EX600 HD Stick
    Hitachi EX550, EX600 Long Stick
    Hitachi EX550, EX600 Std. Stick
    Hitachi UE 20
    Hitachi UE 30
    Hitachi UE 50
    Hitachi Zaxis 40U
    Hitachi Zaxis 40U-2
    Hitachi Zaxis 50U
    Hitachi Zaxis 75-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 75US
    Hitachi Zaxis 80
    Hitachi Zaxis 85-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 120
    Hitachi Zaxis 120-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 130-5
    Hitachi Zaxis 135RTS
    Hitachi Zaxis 135US
    Hitachi Zaxis 160
    Hitachi Zaxis 160-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 160-5
    Hitachi Zaxis 180W
    Hitachi Zaxis 190W-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 190W-5
    Hitachi Zaxis 200 & LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 200-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 210
    Hitachi Zaxis 210-5
    Hitachi Zaxis 210W
    Hitachi Zaxis 220W-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 225RTS
    Hitachi Zaxis 225US LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 225USL
    Hitachi Zaxis 225USR
    Hitachi Zaxis 230
    Hitachi Zaxis 230 & LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 230-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 240
    Hitachi Zaxis 240-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 245LC-5
    Hitachi Zaxis 250LC-5
    Hitachi Zaxis 270
    Hitachi Zaxis 270-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 270LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 30U
    Hitachi Zaxis 330 & LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 330-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 350
    Hitachi Zaxis 350-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 350LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 350LC-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 350LC-5
    Hitachi Zaxis 350LC-6
    Hitachi Zaxis 370
    Hitachi Zaxis 380LC-6
    Hitachi Zaxis 400
    Hitachi Zaxis 450
    Hitachi Zaxis 450 & LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 450 Long Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 450-3 Long Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 470H-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 470LC-5 Std or Short Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 500-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 600LC & BE
    Hitachi Zaxis 650LC
    Hitachi Zaxis 650LC-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 650LC-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 670LCH-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 670LCH-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 800 & BE
    Hitachi Zaxis 850-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 850-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 850LC-3
    Hitachi Zaxis 850-LC-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 850-LC-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870H-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870H-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870LCH-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870LCH-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870LCR-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870LCR-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870R-3 BE Stick
    Hitachi Zaxis 870R-3 H Stick
    Hitachi Zaxiz 450 Std or Short Stick
    Hitachi Zaxiz 450-3 Std or Short Stick
    Hitachi Zaxiz 470-5 Std or Short Stick
    HYUNDAI Hyundai R 16-7
    Hyundai R 55
    Hyundai R 55-3
    Hyundai R 55-7
    Hyundai R 55S
    Hyundai R 80-7
    Hyundai R 95W-3
    Hyundai R110LC-7
    Hyundai R120
    Hyundai R130LC
    Hyundai R130W, R130LC, R130LC-3
    Hyundai R140LC-7
    Hyundai R160LC-3
    Hyundai R170W
    Hyundai R180LC-3
    Hyundai R200LC, R200W
    Hyundai R210LC-3
    Hyundai R210LC-7
    Hyundai R250LC-3
    Hyundai R250LC-7
    Hyundai R280LC
    Hyundai R290LC, R290LC-3
    Hyundai R290LC-3
    Hyundai R290LC-3LR
    Hyundai R290LC-7
    Hyundai R320L, R320LC-3
    Hyundai R320LC-3
    Hyundai R320LC-7, NLC-7, LC-7 HC
    Hyundai R360LC
    Hyundai R360LC-3
    Hyundai R360LC-7
    Hyundai R420LC, R450LC-3
    Hyundai R450LC-7
    IHI IHI (Cheiftain) 07FG/J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 10F/G/J, 12F/G/J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 18J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 25G/H/J, 28G/H/J, 30G/H/J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 30NX
    IHI (Cheiftain) 35G/H/J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 35J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 35NX
    IHI (Cheiftain) 40G/H/J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 45J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 45NX
    IHI (Cheiftain) 55J
    IHI (Cheiftain) 65UJ
    IHI (Cheiftain) 70Z
    IHI (Cheiftain) 80NX

    JCB 801 , 801.4
    JCB 8018
    JCB 802 1986 Model
    JCB 802, 803, 804
    JCB 8025
    JCB 8027
    JCB 8030
    JCB 8040Z
    JCB 8045Z
    JCB 8052
    JCB 805-2, 806-2
    JCB 805B, 814S
    JCB 8060
    JCB 8080ZTS
    JCB JS 70
    JCB JS110
    JCB JS130
    JCB JS150LC
    JCB JS160
    JCB JS160LC
    JCB JS180
    JCB JS200
    JCB JS200LC
    JCB JS210
    JCB JS220
    JCB JS220LC
    JCB JS235
    JCB JS240
    JCB JS240LC (XO Machines)
    JCB JS260
    JCB JS260LC (XO Machines)
    JCB JS300
    JCB JS330
    JCB JS450
    JCB JS450, JS460
    JCB JZ 70
    JCB JZ140

    JCB 1CX
    JCB 210S SERIES 2
    JCB 212S SERIES 2
    JCB 217
    JCB 217S
    JCB 2CX
    JCB 3CX
    JCB 3CX 9" Narrow Setup
    JCB 3CX Std to Suit G65 Bush
    JCB 3CX std w/o G65 Bush
    JCB 4CX


    John Deere 120
    John Deere 120C
    John Deere 120D
    John Deere 130G
    John Deere 135C RTS
    John Deere 135D
    John Deere 160 LC
    John Deere 160C LC
    John Deere 160D LC
    John Deere 160G LC
    John Deere 180CW
    John Deere 180G LC
    John Deere 190DW
    John Deere 190GW
    John Deere 200 LC
    John Deere 200C LC
    John Deere 200G LC
    John Deere 220DW
    John Deere 225C LC RTS
    John Deere 225C RTS
    John Deere 225D LC
    John Deere 230 LC
    John Deere 230C LC
    John Deere 240D LC
    John Deere 245G LC
    John Deere 250G LC
    John Deere 270 LC
    John Deere 270C LC
    John Deere 270D LC
    John Deere 290G LC
    John Deere 330 LC
    John Deere 330G LC
    John Deere 350G LC
    John Deere 370
    John Deere 370C
    John Deere 450 LC Long Stick
    John Deere 450 LC Std or Short Stick
    John Deere 450C LC Long Stick
    John Deere 450C LC Std or Short Stick
    John Deere 450D LC
    John Deere 450D LC Long Stick
    John Deere 450D LC Std or Short Stick
    John Deere 470G LC Std or Short Stick
    John Deere 50ZTS
    John Deere 600CLC & ME
    John Deere 650D LC
    John Deere 75C
    John Deere 75D
    John Deere 80
    John Deere 800 C & ME
    John Deere 80C
    John Deere 850D LC
    John Deere 85D

    John Deere 110
    John Deere 210CW
    John Deere 210G LC
    John Deere 310G Std or Ext Stick
    John Deere 310SG Std or Ext Stick
    John Deere 315
    John Deere 315D
    John Deere 315SG
    John Deere 400 Series
    John Deere 410G Std or Ext Stick
    John Deere 410J
    John Deere 710G Std or Ext Stick
    John Deere 710J Std or Ext Stick

    KOBELCO Kobelco 115SRDZ
    Kobelco 135SRLC
    Kobelco 140SR
    Kobelco 200SRLC
    Kobelco 215SR
    Kobelco 235SR
    Kobelco 235SRLC
    Kobelco 27SR
    Kobelco 35SR
    Kobelco 45SR-2
    Kobelco 50SR-3
    Kobelco 55SRX
    Kobelco 70SR
    Kobelco 80CS
    Kobelco ED150 Bladerunner
    Kobelco ED190
    Kobelco ED195 Bladerunner
    Kobelco SK 07
    Kobelco SK 09SR
    Kobelco SK 13SR
    Kobelco SK 13SR-2
    Kobelco SK 15
    Kobelco SK 15SR
    Kobelco SK 16
    Kobelco SK 16E
    Kobelco SK 16MSR
    Kobelco SK 17
    Kobelco SK 17E
    Kobelco SK 17SR-3
    Kobelco SK 20, SK 25SR
    Kobelco SK 20SR-3
    Kobelco SK 24, SK 25, SK 27, SK 30
    Kobelco SK 25SR-2
    Kobelco SK 27SR-2
    Kobelco SK 27SR-3
    Kobelco SK 30SR
    Kobelco SK 30SR Pre 2001
    Kobelco SK 30SR-2
    Kobelco SK 30SR-3
    Kobelco SK 30UR
    Kobelco SK 35SR
    Kobelco SK 35SR-2
    Kobelco SK 35SR-3
    Kobelco SK 40SR-2
    Kobelco SK 40SR-3
    Kobelco SK 45
    Kobelco SK 45SR
    Kobelco SK 45SR-2
    Kobelco SK 45SR-3
    Kobelco SK 50SR-3
    Kobelco SK 50UR-2
    Kobelco SK 60
    Kobelco SK 70SR
    Kobelco SK 70SR-1E
    Kobelco SK 75UR
    Kobelco SK 80MSR
    Kobelco SK100
    Kobelco SK100LC
    Kobelco SK115SR
    Kobelco SK120
    Kobelco SK130
    Kobelco SK130LC
    Kobelco SK135
    Kobelco SK135SR
    Kobelco SK160LC
    Kobelco SK170
    Kobelco SK170-6E
    Kobelco SK200
    Kobelco SK210
    Kobelco SK210LC
    Kobelco SK210LC-VI
    Kobelco SK220
    Kobelco SK230
    Kobelco SK235SR
    Kobelco SK250
    Kobelco SK250LC
    Kobelco SK260
    Kobelco SK290LC
    Kobelco SK295
    Kobelco SK300
    Kobelco SK330
    Kobelco SK330LC
    Kobelco SK350
    Kobelco SK350LC
    Kobelco SK480
    Kobelco SK480LC
    Kobelco SK485
    Kobelco SK850LC

    Komatsu PC 02
    Komatsu PC 03
    Komatsu PC 05 New Type
    Komatsu PC 05 Old Type
    Komatsu PC 05-6
    Komatsu PC 05-7
    Komatsu PC 07
    Komatsu PC 07 New Type
    Komatsu PC 07-1
    Komatsu PC 07-2
    Komatsu PC 09-1
    Komatsu PC 10
    Komatsu PC 10-7
    Komatsu PC 10-7E
    Komatsu PC 12 New Type
    Komatsu PC 12R-8
    Komatsu PC 12R-8E
    Komatsu PC 12UU-1
    Komatsu PC 12UU-2
    Komatsu PC 15 New Type
    Komatsu PC 15MRX-1
    Komatsu PC 15R-8
    Komatsu PC 20
    Komatsu PC 20-6
    Komatsu PC 20-7
    Komatsu PC 20MRX
    Komatsu PC 20MRX-1
    Komatsu PC 20R-8
    Komatsu PC 25-1
    Komatsu PC 27R-8
    Komatsu PC 28UU-2
    Komatsu PC 30-6
    Komatsu PC 30-7
    Komatsu PC 30MRX
    Komatsu PC 30MRX-1
    Komatsu PC 30R-8
    Komatsu PC 35R-8
    Komatsu PC 35R-8E
    Komatsu PC 38UU-2
    Komatsu PC 40
    Komatsu PC 40-7
    Komatsu PC 40-7E
    Komatsu PC 40FR
    Komatsu PC 40MR-2
    Komatsu PC 40MRX
    Komatsu PC 40R-8
    Komatsu PC 45-1
    Komatsu PC 45R-8
    Komatsu PC 45R-8E
    Komatsu PC 50MR-2
    Komatsu PC 50UU-1
    Komatsu PC 58UU-3
    Komatsu PC 60
    Komatsu PC 60-5
    Komatsu PC 60-6
    Komatsu PC 60-7
    Komatsu PC 75-1
    Komatsu PC 75R-2
    Komatsu PC 75UU-2
    Komatsu PC 75UU-3
    Komatsu PC 78MR-6
    Komatsu PC 80-1
    Komatsu PC 80-3
    Komatsu PC 90-1
    Komatsu PC 95
    Komatsu PC 95R-2
    Komatsu PC100-3
    Komatsu PC100-5
    Komatsu PC100-6
    Komatsu PC110R
    Komatsu PC120
    Komatsu PC120 Mighty
    Komatsu PC120-3
    Komatsu PC120-5
    Komatsu PC120-6
    Komatsu PC128US-2
    Komatsu PC128UU-2
    Komatsu PC138USLC-2
    Komatsu PC150
    Komatsu PC150-5
    Komatsu PC150-6
    Komatsu PC150HD
    Komatsu PC158USLC-2
    Komatsu PC160-6
    Komatsu PC160LC-7
    Komatsu PC200
    Komatsu PC200 Mighty
    Komatsu PC200-3
    Komatsu PC200-5
    Komatsu PC200-6
    Komatsu PC200-7
    Komatsu PC200LC-8
    Komatsu PC210-6
    Komatsu PC220-3
    Komatsu PC220-5
    Komatsu PC220LC-6
    Komatsu PC220LC-7
    Komatsu PC220LC-8
    Komatsu PC228USLC-1
    Komatsu PC228USLC-2
    Komatsu PC228USLC-3
    Komatsu PC250-6
    Komatsu PC270LC-6
    Komatsu PC270LC-7
    Komatsu PC280
    Komatsu PC300
    Komatsu PC300 Mighty
    Komatsu PC300-3
    Komatsu PC300-5
    Komatsu PC300-6
    Komatsu PC300-7
    Komatsu PC300HD-6
    Komatsu PC300LC-7
    Komatsu PC308USLC-3
    Komatsu PC400
    Komatsu PC400-3
    Komatsu PC400HD-6
    Komatsu PC600LC-6
    Komatsu PC600LC-7
    Komatsu PC600LC-8
    Komatsu PC650SE-3
    Komatsu PC750-6
    Komatsu PC750SE-6
    Komatsu PW 30
    Komatsu PW 75
    Komatsu PW 95
    Komatsu PW100-1
    Komatsu PW100-3
    Komatsu PW210

    Komatsu WB 93-2
    Komatsu WB 93R-2
    Komatsu WB 97R-2
    Komatsu WB 97R-5
    Komatsu WB140-2 Std or Ext Stick
    Komatsu WB146-5,PS-5
    Komatsu WB150-2 Std or Ext Stick


    Kubota KH 35
    Kubota KH 36
    Kubota KH 41
    Kubota KH 51
    Kubota KH 66
    Kubota KH 90
    Kubota KH101
    Kubota KH151
    Kubota KH191
    Kubota KX 36
    Kubota KX 41
    Kubota KX 41-2
    Kubota KX 41-3
    Kubota KX 61
    Kubota KX 61-2
    Kubota KX 71
    Kubota KX 71-2
    Kubota KX 91-2
    Kubota KX 91-3
    Kubota KX101
    Kubota KX101-3
    Kubota KX121-2
    Kubota KX121-3
    Kubota KX151
    Kubota KX161-2
    Kubota KX161-2S
    Kubota KX161-3
    Kubota KX251
    Kubota U17
    Kubota U17-3
    Kubota U20
    Kubota U25S
    Kubota U35
    Kubota U35-3
    Kubota U35S2
    Kubota U45
    Kubota U55

    Kubota B 20
    Kubota B 21


    Link-Belt 130LX
    Link-Belt 135SA
    Link-Belt 1600 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 160LX
    Link-Belt 160X2
    Link-Belt 210LX
    Link-Belt 225SA
    Link-Belt 240LX
    Link-Belt 2650 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 2700 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 2800 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 290LX
    Link-Belt 330LX
    Link-Belt 3400 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 3900 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 4300 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 460LX
    Link-Belt 5800 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 75SA (Mono & Offset)
    Link-Belt 8000 QUANTUM
    Link-Belt 800LX
    Link-Belt 80SA

    Link-Belt 145

    LIUGONG LiuGong 922
    LiuGong 925
    MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi MS 180
    MUSTANG Mustang ME12002

    New Holland E 18
    New Holland EC 15
    New Holland EC 25
    New Holland EC160LC
    New Holland EC215LC
    New Holland EC240LC
    New Holland EC270LC
    New Holland EC350LC
    New Holland EC450LC
    New Holland EC600
    New Holland EH 27.B
    New Holland EH 30.B
    New Holland EH 35
    New Holland EH 35.B
    New Holland EH 50.B
    New Holland SK170
    New Holland SK210
    New Holland SK250

    New Holland 655
    New Holland B 95, TC, LR
    New Holland B110
    New Holland B115
    New Holland LB 75
    New Holland LB 75B
    New Holland LB 90
    New Holland LB110
    New Holland LB115, B


    Sany SY 16C
    Sany SY 35U
    Sany SY 75C
    Sany SY135C
    Sany SY215C
    Sany SY235C
    Sany SY335C

    Sany 75
    Sany 80
    SUNWARD Sunward SWE 75
    TAKEUCHI Takeuchi TB 07
    Takeuchi TB 14
    Takeuchi TB 15
    Takeuchi TB 15FR
    Takeuchi TB 16
    Takeuchi TB 25
    Takeuchi TB 28FR
    Takeuchi TB 35
    Takeuchi TB 45
    Takeuchi TB 53FR
    Takeuchi TB 53R
    Takeuchi TB 68
    Takeuchi TB 70
    Takeuchi TB 70FR
    Takeuchi TB 80FR
    Takeuchi TB 108
    Takeuchi TB 125
    Takeuchi TB 135
    Takeuchi TB 145
    Takeuchi TB 175
    Takeuchi TB 219
    Takeuchi TB1140

    Terex HR18
    Terex HR32
    Terex HR42
    Terex TXC 140LC-1
    Terex TXC 175LC
    Terex TXC 180LC
    Terex TXC 225LC
    Terex TXC 255LC

    Terex TX750
    Terex TX760
    Terex TX860
    Terex TX860SB


    Volvo EC 14
    Volvo EC 15
    Volvo EC 20
    Volvo EC 55
    Volvo EC130-3
    Volvo EC140
    Volvo EC140B
    Volvo EC140C
    Volvo EC150
    Volvo EC160
    Volvo EC160 Direct Mount
    Volvo EC160B
    Volvo EC160C
    Volvo EC180C
    Volvo EC210
    Volvo EC210B
    Volvo EC210C
    Volvo EC210C LR
    Volvo EC240
    Volvo EC240B
    Volvo EC240C
    Volvo EC240C LR
    Volvo EC290
    Volvo EC290B
    Volvo EC290C
    Volvo EC290C LR
    Volvo EC330B
    Volvo EC330C
    Volvo EC340
    Volvo EC360
    Volvo EC360B
    Volvo EC360C
    Volvo EC390
    Volvo EC460
    Volvo EC460B
    Volvo EC460C
    Volvo EC50/W
    Volvo EC700B
    Volvo EC700C
    Volvo ECR 58
    Volvo ECR 88
    Volvo ECR145C
    Volvo ECR235C
    Volvo ECR305C
    Volvo EW130
    Volvo EW140C
    Volvo EW160
    Volvo EW160 Direct Mount
    Volvo EW160B
    Volvo EW160C
    Volvo EW170
    Volvo EW180
    Volvo EW180B
    Volvo EW180C
    Volvo EW210C
    Volvo EW230C
    Volvo SE 50-3
    Volvo SE170W-3
    Volvo SE210LC-3
    Volvo SE240LC-3
    Volvo SE280LC-3

    Volvo BL70
    Volvo BL71

    WACKER NEUSON Wacker Neuson 12002
    Wacker Neuson 1403
    Wacker Neuson 1404
    Wacker Neuson 1503
    Wacker Neuson 1903
    Wacker Neuson 2203
    Wacker Neuson 2503
    Wacker Neuson 28Z3
    Wacker Neuson 3003
    Wacker Neuson 3503
    Wacker Neuson 3703
    Wacker Neuson 38z3
    Wacker Neuson 5002
    Wacker Neuson 50z3
    Wacker Neuson 6002
    Wacker Neuson 6003
    Wacker Neuson 6502
    Wacker Neuson 6503
    Wacker Neuson 75z3
    Wacker Neuson 8003
    Wacker Neuson 803
    Wacker Neuson 9503
    YANMAR Yanmar B 7
    Yanmar B 7 SIGMA
    Yanmar B 7-3
    Yanmar B 8-3
    Yanmar B 12
    Yanmar B 14
    Yanmar B 15
    Yanmar B 17
    Yanmar B 19, B 22, B201
    Yanmar B 22
    Yanmar B 25
    Yanmar B 27
    Yanmar B 30V
    Yanmar B 37
    Yanmar B 50
    Yanmar B 50-2
    Yanmar B 50-2B
    Yanmar SV100-2A
    Yanmar VIO10
    Yanmar VIO15-1
    Yanmar VIO15-2
    Yanmar VIO17
    Yanmar VIO20
    Yanmar VIO20-1
    Yanmar VIO20-2
    Yanmar VIO20-3
    Yanmar VIO27-2
    Yanmar VIO30
    Yanmar VIO30-1
    Yanmar VIO35-2
    Yanmar VIO40-1
    Yanmar VIO40-2
    Yanmar VIO40V
    Yanmar VIO45
    Yanmar VIO45-5
    Yanmar VIO50
    Yanmar VIO50-1
    Yanmar VIO50-2
    Yanmar VIO55
    Yanmar VIO55-5
    Yanmar VIO70
    Yanmar VIO75
    Yanmar VIO80-1
    Yanmar YB301
    Yanmar YB351

    Not available at this time