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SEPPI M Miniforst CL


SEPPI M Miniforst CL

Forestry Drum Mulcher for Skid Steers

  • Hydraulic Flow Range: 13-40 gpm.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Range: 2175 - 5075 psi 
  • Cut Diameter: 8"
  • Machine: 60 - 130 hp

The SEPPI forestry mulcher for skid steer loaders for ROW and utility work taking the best qualities from the successful Miniforst and Midiforst skid steer mulchers, the new SEPPI MINIFORST cl sets a new standard. With a low, compact design, CL designates “compact loader.” The SEPPI MINIFORST cl mulcher is equipped with a standard SAE interface, and is suitable for any skid steer with available hydraulic flow between 50 and 150 l/min [13-40 gpm].

SEPPI M. releases Miniforst CL with revolutionary CUT CONTROL rotor.

The MINIFORST cl mulcher is the most advanced hydraulic machine in the industry for compact loaders!  It is adaptable to most any skid steer, compact track loader or wheel loader and it can be customized to the kind of work you do; it is reliable and durable and provides operator safety.

ADAPTABILITY:  the SAE interface makes mounting the MINIFORST cl on your loader simple. And after mounting, it is simple to tune (we’ll show you how) to whatever loader you have. The MINIFORST cl mulcher can operate efficiently on any loader with as little as 50 l/min (13 GPM) and up to 150 l/min (40 GPM).  Obviously, high flow is best but even the owner of a low flow loader will be happy with the performance of the MINIFORST cl because regardless of GPM, the variable displacement M-BOOST™ motor, which offers 40% more torque than standard motors, is easily adjusted to produce the RPM necessary for efficient mulching.  The SEPPI MINIFORST cl mulcher can mulch wood and brush to 20 cm (8”) diameter, at working speeds up to 5 km/h (3 MPH).  Patented rotor designs allow an unprecedented recovery rate of speed of the rotor, so you spend more time cutting and less time waiting.  The MINIFORST cl will get the most from your loader!

CUSTOMIZE: if your work is primarily mulching wood, use our proven, sharpenable MINI-BLADE hammers with our revolutionary new CUT CONTROL rotor with built in depth gauge.  You won’t believe the speed with which you can produce a fine mulch! If your work is primarily land maintenance along roadways, fence lines, etc., choose our best-in-class tungsten carbide MINI-DUO hammers for durability.  The patented CUT CONTROL rotor works in concert with five rows of tempered counter cutters providing perfect mulching results.  Whether you are working with CUT CONTROLS or CARBIDE HAMMERS, our rotors maintain RPM for the highest productivity rate AND a great mulch!

DURABILITY:  A strong frame, made of S-420 high tensile steel, heavy duty belt cover, well protected hydraulic cylinder and protection chains all assure a long working life.

MINIFORST cl mulcher is suitable for most skid steer loader and compact track loaders from CAT, CASE, NEW HOLLAND, DEERE, BOBCAT, ASV, JCB, VOLVO

Available working width: 150, 175, 200 [59", 69", 79"].


  • vegetation management in forestry
  • right of way and road side maintenance
  • land clearing and reclamation
  • site prep
  • Maintaining of power and communication lines


  • Mulches wood up to 20 cm [7.9”] Ø
  • Working speed 0-5 km/h
  • Standard rotor with fixed hammers MINI DUO with tungsten carbide tips
  • Bolt-on-rotor shaft
  • SAE skid steer attachment interface
  • Chassis made of high tensile steel S420
  • 5 rows of tempered COUNTER CUTTERS (3 chassis, 2 hood)
  • Prepared for transmission with hydraulic motor of choice
  • Belt transmission - 5 belts
  • Pressure gauge


  • Forestry fixed tool rotor with replaceable MINI BLADE tool
  • CUT CONTROL rotor with MINI BLADE tools with sharpenable blade, in combination with a specially developed gauge, to reduce the depth of cut
  • Machine without hood
  • Mechanical guad frame
  • Variable displacement motor with relief valve, different types at choice
  • Automatic variable displacement motor M-BOOST
  • Attachment interface for loaders of different brands
  • Electric valve for hood control with controls
       MINIFORST CL150 CL175 CL200
      WORKING WIDTH 59" 69" 79"
      OVERALL WIDTH 69" 79" 89"
      DEPTH 39" 39" 39"
      HEIGHT 86" 86" 86"
      WEIGHT 2326 LBS 2513 LBS 2789 LBS
      FIXED HAMMERS 30 33 36
      CUT DIAMETER 8" 8" 8"
      HYDRAULIC RANGE 13-40 GPM 13-40 GPM 13-40 GPM
      PRESSURE RANGE 2175-5075 PSI 2175-5075 PSI 2175-5075 PSI