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KAGE SNOWSTORM wheel loader / backhoe Snow Plow System (WL)(TLB)


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Wheel Loader & Tractor Snow Plows Built to Last

The KAGE® Snowstorm Snow Plow System is designed specifically to take the abuse from mid-sized wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, tele-handlers and agricultural tractors. The Link, the Blade and SNOWKAGE mate perfectly creating the ultimate snow containment tool. The Hydro-Lock brackets of the blade latch onto the bars of the box. Controls in the cab allow the operator to remain in the cab until the job is done.

Combining Snow Plowing with Snow Pushing

The KAGE system combines snow plowing and snow pushing into one machine, and one operator. The simple advantages of both methods are now brought together seamlessly by being able to reliably switch from the cab, in seconds.
The regular snow pusher box is less than productive without having another piece of equipment along to do back dragging, scraping, and general cleanup. Not to mention that it will leave trails on both sides once it becomes full of snow. The KAGE System can angle and ‘swoop’ out corners – even with the SNOWKAGE attached – the KAGE SNOWSTORM is really an ‘angle pusher’ at heart. This Plow System just grew up smarter and faster than all the rest!

The SNOWKAGE box comes completely off of the plow. This means that it is not hindering the operation of the angle plow when it’s not needed. Wing plows that have movable containment wings on the ends are heavy and expensive to repair. One wrong hit on a wing might put the entire unit out of use.

The KAGE system is great for cleanup operations, as well as break-out during a heavy snow fall. The applications for the KAGE system combined with the skid steer versatility are virtually endless.
Imagine the profitability gained by replacing a pusher and a pickup truck with one KAGE System. Your sites can look better, faster, with less equipment and manpower. That is the KAGE Advantage.

The Blade

The Blade is the backbone of the SNOWSTORM System. With that in mind, we build each moldboard as if it has to go into battle. The Tri-Formed Box that encloses the back of the moldboard eliminates torque and strain that can otherwise fatigue the entire structure. Similar ‘box formed’ methods have been proven by other highway plows for years. Grade 50 steel is the standard for the moldboard skin showing that we care about the materials we use. Not only does that increase tensile strength over mild steel, but helps reduce the effects of corrosion. Baked on powder coat and primer at 400+ degrees safeguards all of the steel components, and keeps The Blade looking great for years. The standard Blue and Black two-tone finish that is so unique to KAGE signifies that it is a long lasting, quality product by KAGE Innovation™. In fact, we even use a proprietary method of applying seem sealer to any un-welded joints prior to powder coating to prevent rust pockets and the ugly streaks you see on so many other brands.

The SS Blade has a trip edge standard which safeguards from damage when encountering hidden obstacles. The Two Section Trip Edge is 9” tall to clear common curbs, and trips back a full 90 degrees from it’s operating position so that the contact is less abrupt. The trip edge is a crucial feature for efficient plowing. You can’t tip-toe around things that you cannot see, that takes too much time. Let the trip edge be your ‘whiskers’ letting you know what is out there! Both sections of the trip edge have 5/8 x 8” High Carbon steel cutting edges standard. The cutting edges are the common to the highway plow market, and the hole spacing is what they refer to as a “Standard Highway Punch”, so replacements are available most anywhere it snows; no need to stock custom edges or hardware for replacements. The trip edge action is powered by 8 separate compression spring packs. The springs keep the edge from false tripping while pushing, meaning you can scrape and push without tripping unnecessarily.

The Hydraulic System for the Blade powers the plow left and right, and if you are using it in combination with the SnowKage it locks the box onto the plow hydraulically. We absolutely dread that ‘midnight maintenance’ so we had that in mind when we put this hydraulic system together. This resulted in standard preventative stuff like hose covering on all hoses, and a crossover relief valve standard. Two 3” bore x 1.5” rod hydraulic cylinders work together to power the plow left and right 36 degrees.The electric diverter valve is standard equipment with the Kage System, which enables machines with only one auxiliary function to operate the hydro locks to lock the SnowKage on as well as the angle function of the plow. Just the flick of a switch is all you need to switch power from the angle cylinders to the lock cylinders. You won’t have to think twice about the Deutsch® plugs, heavy duty 5/8” O.D. ‘trailer cable’, strain relief cord grip, or lighted solenoids that all make up this expert setup.

The slot plate. Side to side float, the crucial function of any good angle plow is built into our Slot Plate. Placed in a strategic location above the trip edge there is minimal mechanical stress, ensuring that it will operate a lifetime. Grease able points prevent seizing. This feature makes this plow so easy to operate. You don’t have to be overly concerned about your boom height, just drop and go. The Slot Plate automatically adjusts the cutting edge to the level of the surface, even when the plow is angled! You don’t need to level your boom in order to angle the plow like other systems.

The Box

The SNOWKAGE box is the genius behind the SNOWSTORM System. So simple yet so intuitive. It stands alone when not in use, but mates perfectly to the Blade when needed in order to push huge amounts of snow out of the way.

Support...Tough, triangulated supports mean that you can push this to the extreme with no breakdowns.

Polyurethane skids...The 2” thick polyurethane skids are gentle on curbs and other surfaces prone to damage. The steel formed parts that hold the skid are slotted for adjustment as the cutting edge of the plow becomes worn. The 10” wide, ½” thick conveyor belt contours to the radius of the moldboard keeping the snow sealed within.

The Mounting

The wheel loader hitch can accommodate most quick attaches found on wheel loaders and tractor loader backhoes. The pivot frame of the plow remains the same, and the quick attach, particular to your make / model of machine merely pins on with 4, 2 inch pins. Look closely and you will see that the blade will float up and down for uneven terrain. Down pressure? Sure, just ‘dump’ the quick attach with the curl function and it will bottom out, creating down pressure for back dragging or scraping ice!

For Machines Weighing 14,5000 – 30,000 lbs KBSS 10′
Machine Size Rec. 14.5K-30K
Angle 36°
Blade Width 10′
Blade Width at Full Angle 97″
Oscillation Each End (Degrees/Inches) 6° / 12.5″
Moldboard Gauge/Steel Grade 10 ga. / Grade 50
Trip Springs (Compression) 8
Cutting Edge (High Carbon) 5/8″ x 8″ x 5′ (2)
Pivot Frame Length for Loader Attachment 48″
Weight 2,282 lbs
Cylinders 3″ Bore 1 1/2″ Rod (2)
Blade Height 36″
For Machines Weighing 14,5000 – 30,000 lbs KBSS 12′
Machine Size Rec. 18K-30K
Angle 36°
Blade Width 12′
Blade Width at Full Angle 116.5″
Oscillation Each End (Degrees/Inches) 6° / 15″
Moldboard Gauge/Steel Grade 10 ga. / Grade 50
Trip Springs (Compression) 8
Cutting Edge (High Carbon) 5/8″ x 8″ x 6′ (2)
Pivot Frame Length for Loader Attachment 48″
Weight 2,375 lbs
Cylinders 3″ Bore 1 1/2″ Rod (2)
Blade Height 36″
For Machines Weighing 14,5000 – 30,000 lbs KBSS 14′
Machine Size Rec. 19K-30K
Angle 36°
Blade Width 14′
Blade Width at Full Angle 136″
Oscillation Each End (Degrees/Inches) 6° / 17.5″
Moldboard Gauge/Steel Grade 10 ga. / Grade 50
Trip Springs (Compression) 8
Cutting Edge (High Carbon) 5/8″ x 8″ x 7′ (2)
Pivot Frame Length for Loader Attachment 48″
Weight 2,468 lbs
Cylinders 3″ Bore 1 1/2″ Rod (2)
Blade Height 36″