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BERLON LOWE XR35 Trencher for skid steer


LOWE® trenching attachments have proven to be one of the most useful tools in the attachment market. Primarily used on skid steer loaders, trenching attachments also excel on compact track loaders and a wide range of mini-loaders. Use them in construction, agriculture, rental, utility, irrigation, and other applications where an open trench is required.

The XR-Series from LOWE® is the most advanced and durable line of trenching attachments in the industry. They feature:

  • A fixed, self-aligning boom with an industrial strength grease cylinder adjustment system
  • High strength maintenance-free tapered roller bearings in the boom nose
  • Durable over-sized boom nose idler
  • Anti-back flex (ABF) digging chain for longer life and maximum digging performance
  • Extra strong chassis
  • High quality hydraulic components and simple hose routing
  • Premium hydraulic motors
  • Double-flighted auger for fast spoil removal


All standard mount XR-trenchers have a built-in feature that allows for manual side-shifting. The XR-14 though the XRH-35 have an optional hydraulic side shift for users that need to make numerous adjustments to the side shifting capability. Fixed-mount trenchers are also available for those that do not need to side shift and wish to save additional cost.

With a large selection of boom lengths and digging chains available, find out how a LOWE® trenching attachment can make your machinery investment more useful.

Trenchers from Lowe Manufacturing Co Inc on Vimeo.

BOOM SIZE 36 48 60
MAX DEPTH 36 48 60
MAX WIDTH 12 8 6
HYDRAULIC RANGE 20-45 20-45 20-45
RELIEF 2000-4200 2000-4200 2000-4200
SPEED @ 40GPM 444 444 444
POWER @ 4000 PSI 2287 2287 2287


  • Big Dave Review

    Trenchers and augers are what LOWE is know for. A USA company that was started in 1971. Lowe set the standard for trenchers used on skid steer loaders. This is one of the best performing trenchers for the money. These trenchers have limited downtime and have a low owning and operating cost. This unit fits on most standard or high flow, medium and large frame machines. Match the flow requirement of the trencher to your machine.

    QUALITY: 5 Stars

    PERFORMANCE: 5 Stars

    Here are some of the most common sizes. 36x6 double standard chain, 48x6 double standard chain, 36x6 1/2 Rock & Frost, 48x6 1/2 Rock & Frost

    Let me explain some chains. Single standard (not listed) is for loose damp soil conditions. Double standard is for harder, drier soil. The chain has roughly twice the number of teeth as the single standard. It has a cupped style tooth. Rock & Frost (not listed) is for rock and frozen conditions.1/2 Rock & Frost is recommended for harder soil and mixed rocky conditions. Terminator chains are recommended for hard dry conditions with rock.

    Why buy a model XRH35 ? Torque! more power to dig because you have a bigger motor. And you also probably have a high flow machine that can handle the flow of the attachment.