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TORO DINGO TX700 narrow track mini loader


Dingo® TX 700 Narrow Track

MODEL: 22351 UPC/EAN: 21038223513


Designed to give you more power in a compact package, the Toro® Dingo® TX 700 expands labor savings beyond just homeowner projects. This no-nonsense workhorse packs 700 lbs of rated operating capacity in a smaller footprint, so it’s ideal for projects where homeowners and contractors are working in confined spaces.

Smaller Footprint

  • Packs 700 lbs. of rated operating capacity in a smaller footprint, making it ideal for projects where homeowners and contractors need to reach tight areas or work in confined spaces.

Easy Operation

  • Featuring patented Dingo TX 1000 traction controls and a dedicated stand-on platform, the Dingo TX 700 is easy to use and offers increased comfort and visibility to the operator.

Gentle On Turf

  • Available in both narrow track and wide track configurations, the Dingo TX 700 is equipped with the industry-tested Camso track system — which features a less aggressive tread pattern that minimizes turf damage.

Job Versatility

  • Compatible with dozens of attachments, including multiple types of buckets, adjustable forks, a grapple, leveler, utility blade and more, the Dingo TX 700 can be used for a wide range of jobs.


Air Filter Remote single element
Dump Angle 42 degrees
Dump Height (cm) 134.4
Dump Height (inches) 52.9
Engine Make Yanmar
Engine Model 3TNV80F
Fuel Tank (gallons) 5.5
Fuel Tank (liters) 20.8
Fuel Type Diesel
Ground Clearance (cm) 13.3
Ground Clearance (inches) 5.25
Ground Pressure 13 psi
Ground Speed Forward (mph) 4
Ground Speed Foward (km/h) 6.4
Ground Speed Reverse (km/h) 6.4
Ground Speed Reverse (mph) 4
Hinge Pin Height (cm) 186.7
Hinge Pin Height (inches) 73.5
Hydraulic Flow Auxilary 13.7 gpm
Hydraulic Flow Traction 14.5 gpm (each pump)
Hydraulic Pressure 3,000 psi
Loader Arms Radial
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (HP) 24.5
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (kW) 18
Max Operating Height (cm) 246.4
Max Operating Height (inches) 97
Oil Capacity (liters) 3.4
Oil Capacity (quarts) 3.6
Overall Height (cm) 140.5
Overall Height (inches) 55.3
Overall Length w/bucket (cm) 261.1
Overall Length w/bucket (inches) 102.8
Overall Length w/o bucket (cm) 208.3
Overall Length w/o bucket (inches) 82
Overall Width (cm) 86.9
Overall Width (inches) 34.2
Rated Operating Capacity - 35% of Tip Capacity (kg) 318
Rated Operating Capacity - 35% of Tip Capacity (lbs) 700
Reach – Fully Raised (cm) 78.7
Reach – Fully Raised (inches) 31
Reservoir Capacity (gallons) 10
Reservoir Capacity (liters) 37.9
Tip Capacity (kg) 907
Tip Capacity (lbs) 2000
Track Length (inches) 126.6
Track Length(cm) 321.6
Track Width (cm) 13.7
Track Width (inches) 5.4
Tracks Camso B-Tread
Traction Dual Hydrostatic Pump
Weight (kg) 1250
Weight (lbs) 2756
Wheelbase (inches) 39