Virnig V60 Steel Trip Edge Snow Pusher (SSL)(CTL)

Optional Pull Back
Virnig V60 Steel Edge Snow Pusher is a snow blade and snow pusher hybrid ideal for scraping hard-pack snow.
  • Unique floating side plates and side-to-side oscillation collect more snow by keeping the steel edge in constant contact with uneven pavement.
  • Edge never needs adjusting; it only needs to be reversed or replaced.
  • Trip edge contains four compression springs with a rigid moldboard to help minimize plowing interruptions.
  • Bracing on pusher sides and 1/2ˮ thick x 3ˮ wide skid shoes ensure attachment longevity.
  • 5/8ˮ x 8ˮ reversible, replaceable steel edge allows 5 1/2ˮ of total wear.
  • Manufactured with a universal mount to fit most skid steer loaders.

    Option: Virnig Pull Back

    • Enables precise snow cleanup along buildings or wherever necessary.
    • Easy installation on any Virnig Steel Edge Snow Pusher.
    • Designed to allow down pressure on steel edge.
    • 5/8" x 8" reversible, replaceable steel edge allows 5 1/2" total wear.



    Snow Pusher Model  SESP   84  SESP   96 SESP 108 SESP 120
    Overall Pusher Width (Inches) 92.5 104.5 116.5 125.4
    Pusher Depth (Inches) 54.4
    Pusher Height (Inches) 31.7
    Inside Pusher Width (Inches) 86.5 98.5 110.5 119.4
    Inside Pusher Depth (Inches) 32.2
    Pusher Oscillation (Degrees) +/- 4
    Moldboard Thickness (Inches) 0.19
    Cutting Edge (Inches) 5/8” x 8” Steel
    Approximate Weight (Pounds) 1120 1170 1230 1275
    Recommended Loader Capacity (Pounds)  Greater than 1500 pounds


    Pull Back Model    SPP     84    SPP     96    SPP    108  SPP   120
    Overall Pull Back Width (Inches) 86.0 98.0 109.9 119.0
    Inside Pull Back Width (Inches) 85.4 97.4 109.4 118.3
    Cutting Edge (Inches) 5/8 x 8 Steel
    Approximate Weight (Pounds) 240 265 295 315


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