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WAIN ROY 1/4 Yard Coupler Systems for backhoe loaders up to 16000 lbs., including Wain Roy, CF, Gannon, and Helac


CF Mechanical Quick Latch Coupler The CF mechanical coupler offers a lightweight, yet durable design for your most demanding coupler requirements. The coupler design allows a simple method to quickly switch attachments on a machine. A manual locking pin securely locks the attachment to the coupler. Couplers are custom designed to fit Woods manufactured or OEM attachments. Optional jump latches allow machines to adapt to different manufacturers attachments and provide greater flexibility between machines and attachments on the job site.

Gannon Eliminator Manual Quick Coupler The Eliminator manual quick coupler is designed for use with all Wain‑Roy Original buckets and attachments. The manual coupler provides a simple and quick method to change excavator buckets and attachments. Maintaining close to the manufacturers pin‑on performance specifications results in a near zero loss of breakout force. Eliminator coupler models are available to work with C&P, CAT, and Original Wain‑Roy style buckets.

Wain‑Roy XLS Coupler System The Wain‑Roy XLS coupler system allows the benefit of fast and efficient changing of excavator buckets and attachments while maintaining close to the manufacturers pin‑on performance specifications. This results in a near zero loss of breakout force. The Wain‑Roy XLS coupler system design significantly reduces the free play between the coupler and attachments. The design provides the close fit between coupler and attachments to be maintained through simple adjustments with hand tools and periodic shimming. The XLS coupler system is designed for use with Wain‑Roy Original and XLS style buckets and attachments. The XLS coupler system is available in an easy‑to‑use manual or “operate from the seat” hydraulic release configuration.

* The WAIN ROY XLS will work with WAIN ROY Original, CP and TAG bucket in this size class.

  • HYDRAULIC RELEASE - Hydraulic components include valve, switch box & wiring, and hoses & connections between our valve & cylinder. Customer is responsible for hoses from valve to drain (tank) and to the bucket cylinder for power.

Wain‑Roy XLS Swinger Coupler System Wain-Roy Swinger Couplers rotate up to a total of 90 degrees, 45 degrees each side of center, for greater control and flexibility of any quick change attachment system. Buckets and specialty attachments such as rippers, jaws, grapples, compactors and hammers can be rotated to the desired position to achieve maximum production. Greater tool and attachment positioning flexibility increases efficiency in any work area. The hydraulic cylinder is positioned to minimize movement and provide protection from debris and excessive wear.

  • SWINGER MANUAL RELASE - Dealer or customer -supplied hydraulics. When providing the valve, controls & lines, be sure to use two 3450 PSI relief valves. The Hydraulic Swinger Coupler is 18 inches wide. Digging depth is limited when a narrower bucket is used
MANUFACTURE 1/4 YARD Up to 16,000 lbs. & 16 ft. Digging Depth
 CASE 580L, 580M, 580M Series 2, 580N, 580N EP, 580 Series 3, 580SL, 580SM, 580 Super M Series 2, 580 Super M Series 3, 580 Super M+ Series 2, 580 Super M+ Series 3, 580 Super N, 580 Super N WT, 580 Turbo Series 2, 590M Super M+ Series 3, 590 SL, 590SM, 590 Super M Series 3, 590 Super M+ Series 3, 590 Super N
CAT 415F2, 415F2 IL, 416B, 416C, 416D, 416E, 416F2, 420D, 420D-IT, 420E, 420E-IT, 420FX/420FX IT, 426B, 426C, 428, 430D, 430E, 430E-IT, 430FX/430FX IT, 436B, 436C, 4630D-IT
JCB 3C 14, 3C LL, 3CX, 3CX-14, 3CX-14 SUPER
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KOMATSU WB70A, WB91, WB93, WB93R-5, WB93R-8, WB93S-5, WB97, WB97R-5, WB97S-5, WB98, WB140, WB142-5, WB146-5, WB146PS-5, WB150, WB156PS-5
NEW HOLLAND B90B, B95, B95B, B95B LR, B95B TC, B95C, B95C LR, B95C TC, B95LR, B95TC, B110, B110B, B110C, B115B, BL110B, LB75, LB75B, LB90, LB90B, LB110, LB115B, LB1156, 555B, 555C, 555E, 575E, 655A, 655C, 655E, 675E
VOLVO BL60, BL60B, BL61, BL61B, BL61 Plus, BL70B, BL71, BL71B, BL71 Plus, PL70